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''I can’t believe how much easier it is for me to keep my papers organized. Since I started using the Binder, I have not lost one assignment! My parents are so excited and I feel so much better about school.''

Michael Z., High School Student and SOAR Study Skills User.

Why we love SOARⓇ 

The Love2Learn SMART System of Instruction™ is about clarifying ideas and using resources in a productive way.  This is why we love the SOAR Study Skills System. 

Covering all of the Common Core Anchor Standards, the SOARStudy Skills System will amaze you. Your child's school work will go from scattered to sorted and from missing to manageable. 


Using a very simple and effective system of organizing, grounded in brain biology of learningL2L will show your child how to organize for school. We have some great tips for families, too. 

This system also works wonders for children navigating two homes.


Ask us about the SOARⓇ Study Skills 3-D Writing Organizer. Are writing assignments or research papers a painful topic in your home? L2L can help!