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Do you ever feel like your child is working hard, but not getting results? Maybe you see small improvements in your child’s skills, but not the type of improvements that lead to life-changing results. 


The Love2Learn SMART System of Instruction™ allows your child to clarify ideas, focus efforts, use time and resources in a productive way, acquire amazing skills, and achieve life-changing goals.  The SMART System of Instruction™ is based on five fundamentals – Strategic, Measurable, Achievement, Rapid, Transformation.


Strategic planning requires a thorough assessment and customized plan that is focused on your child achieving certain goals.  The first step in any successful strategic plan is getting everyone “on the same page” and moving in the same direction. 

Measurable objectives are the building blocks your child needs to achieve these goals.  After all, if these goals aren’t measurable, how do we know if they have been met?  Measurable objectives require a strategy to determine:

  • Who will be responsible for setting and achieving the goals?

  • What are the goals?

  • When will the goals be reached?

  • How will your child know when the goals are achieved?

Achievement is at the heart of education and can be measured in many ways. We believe that achievement takes place when your child acquires the knowledge, skills, and abilities that can only be reached through proper planning and measurement.   Of course, increasing your child’s achievement takes focus, collaboration, and resources.  


Rapid improvements are only accomplished by a strategic program that is results-based and focused on your child achieving measurable goals.


Transformation of your child’s education isn’t about “bells and whistles” – it’s about collaborating with talented people, establishing a shared vision, mastering  skills, and seeing your child reach his full potential!